In our company "Aviacompositi" with 25 years of experience in the composite materials we have used top technologies coming from the aeronautical field. Over the years we designed and realized military projects, thousands of automotive parts, motorcycle components and special prototipes. Our products reflect this high technological sector but not only: We have a natural propensity to combine functionality and design. From this union Carbon_ikon® project was born. For our products We  select the best available material and work by hand the carbon fibre using a lot of care in the lay-up for the perfect fibre alignment, indeed it isn't rare to see anti-aesthetic distortions and misalignments of the fibers in many carbon fiber objects on the market.


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During the hand lay-up process, We proceed from the top to the sides of the carbon fiber shell, how to make a haute couture dress. In our Briefcase realization the structure involves various phases of careful processing, both for external aesthetics and for limiting its weight by using the aeronautical grade honeycomb sandwich technique that give great stiffness with extreme lightness.


 "In other words we apply the carbon fiber manufacturing's state of the art"

 Thanks to what is explained before, the weight of the Briefcase, (complete with all the Aluminum alloy parts without the internal lining), is about 840 grams.
It is probably the lowest weight in its category, although maintaining an high strenght for its function.

As per an airplane or formula one car, the pre-preg carbon fibre is processed in autoclave with controlled pressure and temperature.

All cuts are CNC machined, especially the particular handle of our Carbon fiber Briefcase, that has a protected design with the whole bag. This handle is composed by 8 parts bonded together with an aeronautic grade structural epoxy adhesive, plus 6 parts for the handle grips for a total of 14 parts! It combines technology, functionality and unique design that recalls the typical airplane frames.



Also Our products' external finish is treated with the highest care. Both glossy and opaque finishes are made by using the best materials on the market and employing the highest available technologies.

Even the leather or Alcantara® 's interior lining is made by combining the best technologies and high craftsmanship, by giving to the last one the greatest importance.


"We work with the aim to give the  excellence of a top style, very high quality, functionality, low weight and resistance to our purchaser"



Differences between leather and Alcantara®:

_Leather upholstery is undoubtedly a classical material that has always been appreciated for its beauty and consistency.

_Alcantara® is a Made in Italy synthetic material. It has a beautiful suede look that is appreciated and used all over the world for the seats and upholstery of luxury cars, airplane, yacht or interior design objects.
It has exceptional characteristics that do not fear comparisons with the classic leather.

Apart from the personal taste, the biggest difference is the weight: the lining of the Briefcase in Alcantara® weighs about 50% less than leather helping to further lighten it. In fact the complete Briefcase's weight with leather lining is about 1.6 Kg (3.53lb) instead the weight with Alcantara® lining is about 1.2 Kg (2.65lb).

This weights compared with the standard briefcases weight with an average of 2.5 Kg (5.5lb) makes a big difference for your arm just after few minutes of use.





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